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Avroto  ®  Brushless  Motors

New August 2013 Avroto Lift series multi-rotor motors. 3515 and 3520

*Water proof high temperature windings allow for operation in extreme climates and help prevent overheating during extreme use.


*High Quality Oversized ABEC 5 German made  bearings for smooth, reliable, long lived operation under harsh conditions.


*Next generation shaft:

-Collar for consistent shaft set depth.

-Internal threading for adjustable security retaining screw.


*Double shaft screws in the bell to eliminate slippage.

*Ultra strong high neodymium magnets.


*Incredibly precise hand winding.


*Massive cooling vents make LIFT series some of the coolest running motors in their class.


*Reinforcement coating to protect windings from debris.


*Epoxy coated stator plates to prevent shorts.


*Secure Anti-rattle lead wire attachment to prevent shorting.


*Dynamic balancing with the highest quality blue balancing paste.


*Stators made with ultra-thin Japanese .2mm laminations for maximum efficiency.


***Every LIFT motor hand checked for quality in Ohio USA before being approved for sale.***


Avroto’s proven track record of excellence has made Avroto the trusted choice in commercial use motors.


Avroto Proven


Avroto Quality


Avroto Durable


Avroto Trusted since 2010

Avroto is a high quality, smooth running, durable brushless motor built for multirotor UAV applications.
The custom assembly methods and components unique to Avroto motors help to provide the reliability
required for a dependable aerial platform.
Avroto is designed by, and manufactured for Monto RC Hobby.
Avroto is a property of Monto RC Hobby, and is soley distributed by Monto RC Hobby to a
network of Avroto dealers and installers.
Genuine Avroto products are also pre-installed in proffesional use UAV's and quality
multicopter kits available from approved vendors and installers within the Avroto dealer network.
Avroto motors are not sold under any other name, label, or brand.  
There is no other motor identical to an Avroto.
All genuine Avroto motors are marked or labeled with the trusted, and proven Avroto name.
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