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Avroto LIFT 3520 520Kv Multirotor Motor

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Item Number: AVL3520520
Manufacturer: Avroto
Mfr Part No: AVL3520520
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Avroto LIFT series 3520 520Kv Motor  

Unmatched reliability for heavy lift commercial applications.


Avroto is a high quality, smooth running, durable brushless motor built for multicopter UAV applications.

The custom assembly methods, reinforcements, and components unique to Avroto motors help to provide

the reliability required for a dependable aerial platform. 

Manufacturer Data:

Model number AVL3520520

Typical setup: 6S lipo, 14" or 15" props, and 50 - 85 amp esc

Industry Leading Reliability Features: 

Safety Shaft Secured by Screw 

Large German made ABEC 5 Bearings
Dynamically Balanced  

Every Avroto LIFT series motor is hand inspected in Ohio, United States before being approved for sale.


  • Weight approximately 190 grams not including wires.
  • Weight with wires 228.4 grams
  • Includes accessories to fit 3 hole Carbon Fiber props
  • Includes 6mm diameter 4 bolt standard prop adapter
  • External Dimensions 42.5mm D x 43mm L
  • Stator Dimensions 35mm D x 20mm L
  • Stator material  .2mm NdFeB sheet
  • Internal Shaft diameter 5mm.
  • No-load speed: 520 rpm / V
  • Ri (Internal Resistance) 34 mΩ
  •  Io (no load current)  0.3A
  •  Voltage for Io measurement  10V
  •  Current capacity 45 Amps
  •  Max continuos Watts: 1300
  •  Lipo cell 4s - 8s. (5s - 6s recommended)
  •  Wire length 700mm 
  • 14magnets 12 stator arms 12N 14P

UPC 863693000104
Avroto LIFT series 3520 520Kv multicopter motor.
Prop Chart.

Caution ! This motor requires an esc which can handle high heat.
For a 15 inch prop a minimum of 50 amp esc is recommended.
For a 16 inch prop am minimum of 60 amp esc is needed, 70-80 amp recommended for high throttle flights.

Avroto unmatched reliability for heavy lift commercial drone  applications.

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