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We got in some new Pulso’s a while back. There aren’t a lot of factory specs & results available for them yet. But initial inspection showed that the flat motors of the U39 series are very well made. A Few bench tests showed them to run very smooth, quiet, cool and efficiently. We decided to build a Pulso test quad with parts lying around the shop.

It was decided that with the parts we had available the quickest build would be to utilize an old unused Mikrokopter Quadro XL frame. Based on this frame size approx. 575mm we chose the most appropriate Pulso U39 to test. Prop clearance only allowed for a 14” prop so we couldn’t utilize the large prop capabilities of the lower Kv U39. We instead chose the higher Kv U39M 450Kv.

U39M 450Kv is a 3906 stator sized motor. Weight 57grams. It can handle 6s with a 14 inch prop. Our bench test with 6s and an APC multirotor prop maxed out at just over 8amps and 1.46Kg of thrust.

Victor scrounged up some spare parts, and whipped together our Pulso test quad in a couple hours. We tested with a 6s 2200mah battery. Something a little bigger might have been more appropriate but 2200 is what we had on hand.
A couple days later Victor spent some time adjusting the gains and we ended up with a super smooth and stable little quad.

Copter weight 955 grams
Flight weight with battery 1345 grams

Over several days we ran a few test flights with an average flight time of 24 minutes. Battery start voltage 25.2 volts, finish voltage 22.2volts. 2000mah drawn from battery. Based on this we figured during flight we averaged 1.25 amps per motor.

Lastly we added some weight to simulate a gopro and gimbal. Our simulated gopro & gimbal was a 315 gram weight. The AUW with simulated payload was then 1660 grams.

With payload flight time was a little over 16 minutes. The payload flights on average used 2000mah. With a little math on the white board we came up with each motor drawing an average of 1.87 per motor amps during flight.

We are impressed by the Pulso U39.

Soon we’ll run some more bench tests on all of them and post some more prop charts with the product listings.

Pulso Motors at Monto RC   
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