Emil Forsberg says: ‘If people want to try and stand in our way, we’re going to try and beat them.’

“All we will do is continue our path and, if people want to undertake and substitute our way, we’re getting to attempt to beat them – on the pitch, not off the pitch. We didn’t come up being all cocky, saying: ‘We’re getting to be the simplest team in Germany now, now, now.’

We’ve taken it step by step; we’ve to remain humble and keep focused.
“I can feel that it’s getting into the proper direction now. i feel more and more people feel with us, and see we do the proper thing here. We’re not here to shop for Neymar, Mbappé and Messi. We’re here to shop for young players, develop them, play football and celebrate . i feel people can recognise themselves therein .”

To understand Forsberg, and particularly his imperviousness to ground noise , it’s worth hearing how heavily his surname weighed while he was coming through at GIF Sundsvall. Leif was a club legend and his grandfather, Lennart, was also a player there. Sundsvall may be a village and other people would talk. “When I came up to the primary team, everyone said it had been due to my dad,” he says. “That just gave me more motivation to play even better and that i think I showed everyone i used to be there to remain . It’s like this once you have a parent who’s a touch famous, and you’ve got to affect it. I always had a robust will and was sure i used to be getting to make it.”

He did, albeit there was a dalliance with floorball after football coaches expressed doubts about his size. Now he’s supremely comfortable in his own skin. “I could see myself playing anywhere; to not brag, but I feel I even have the qualities,” he says. Liverpool were previously linked with a move and maybe they, or other Premier League clubs, could be tempted this summer as long as Forsberg has found it hard to urge back to Nagelsmann’s starting XI since a chilly laid him low during the winter break.

There is every chance he are going to be trusted at White Hart Lane though: Forsberg scored Leipzig’s first-ever Champions League goal and has been on track 3 times during this season’s edition, including two against Benfica in an injury-time comeback. Perhaps, particularly given Spurs’ mediocre form, he and his gang of upstarts should be favourites to succeed in the last eight.

“No, no, no!” he protests. “Not if you check out the team Tottenham have: fantastic players, an incredible coach and an incredible stadium. we’ve an opportunity , of course, but we’ll need to be at 100% and to urge every decision right.”

The concern for Spurs, and for whose who would want RB Leipzig away, is that they have a tendency to try to to exactly that.