There is a sense of uninterrupted communion at Anfield and it is conceivable Liverpool could become the first team to win every home league game in a season

Anfield is not so much a fortress as a tangible presence, a place Liverpool’s players seem to carry around with them like a mobile battery pack.’

Pep Guardiola calls it That Place. Lionel Messi cried within the room the last time he was there. It isn’t hard to ascertain why Anfield gets under people’s skin.

Even the journey there features a distinct tone and texture, something to try to to with the angles of the place, the topography of a port city, the way the sunshine beyond the homes carries a way of being at the top of things. It’s there within the way the streets melt into closes and dead ends, funnelling the gang a method . There’s never any doubt where you’re headed. Or lately , what’s getting to happen once you get there.

The weaponising of Anfield: this has been a big a part of Liverpool’s extraordinary success within the last year. it’s also an honest way of trying to know it. Because make no mistake, this is often still pretty hard to urge your head around. Most sporting triumphs seem to correspond to a well-known story type. Football has always been a business of comedy, tragedy, farce and therefore the rest. The history of Manchester United through the Busby and Fergie years still has the texture of an epic family saga: power, succession, patriarchs, and within the post-godfather vacuum a lineage of sweating, weak-chinned Fredos.

How about Liverpool? the foremost interesting thing about the present run is that the way it goes beyond the everyday rules, has become fantastical. a lady in Buenos Aires has learned the way to fly. A snowman which will bench-press 400lbs has been discovered. And a eleven within the north-west of England have won 34 of their last 35 league games. Welcome to Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool: an exercise in genre .

We have in fact seen extreme success quite recently. Manchester City’s brilliant team of the last two years reached 100 points and was in some ways a more beautiful machine. But this is often something else. Should Liverpool beat Norwich on Saturday they’re going to be 25 points clear at the highest . Nobody has ever done this before. How can we answer it?

Either way you retain returning to Anfield, not such a lot a fortress as a tangible presence, an area Liverpool’s players seem to hold around with them sort of a mobile battery pack, and arguably the Premier League player of the year in its title . the essential numbers are wild. Liverpool average three goals every home league game. They’re on a run of 11 and a half hours without conceding. check out the fixtures and it’s conceivable they might find yourself the primary team to win every home league game during a season.

Beyond this, there’s the sensation of the place. All grounds have their shadows, their lines of power. With Anfield there’s a way immediately of an uninterrupted communion happening , of watching the action through that shared eye , the players running through a haze, like men playing football on the deck of a fireship.